Our Story

Bélu & Co. was born out of acceptance. On a soul-searching journey, our founder Carolina started looking for tools to improve her relationship with herself, her mental health, and her connection with God and the Universe. She discovered meditation and Japa Mala Chanting, and not long after that, she fell in love with the journey of self-discovery.
Our name, Bélu, comes from the Spanish word for Dragonfly (Libélula). Dragonflies have been a very special spiritual animal for our founder since she was a child. The Dragonfly is an essential symbol in many cultures, representing change, transformation, adaptability, rebirth, good luck and self-realization. Bélu & Co.'s wish is to encourage you to seek the change and transformation that will lead you to self-realization and daily gratitude, which is one of the highest vibrational energies on the planet alongside love. 

Creating this brand was precisely that for our founder, a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. After some time, she realized that not being yourself is a disservice to the world and the people that need you to BE YOU.
Carolina decided to follow her intuition and start this company to share her knowledge and keep learning alongside the community she wishes to build through this magical brand.